Campaign details

Brand: Beefeater
Lead Agency: La Despensa Ingredientes Creativos
Region: EMEA



Reinforce Beefeater's positioning in Spain as the leading gin in sales and create a relevant experience for the consumer in which they could escape from routine, flee from monotony and remember it as memorable.

Target Audience

Adults from 25 to 35 years old gin drinkers.

Creative Strategy

We brought the most underground London to Madrid so that our target could enjoy a unique and unparalleled experience.


The gin market is highly saturated by the recent consumer demand, so Beefeater had to do something about it to create a deep memory in the target.


Overall Campaign Execution

Relying on 4 fundamental pillars for our campaign, we transferred the concept of Beefeater London Town through them. Food, culture, music and people were the catalysts of all the experiences we offered in a unique space in the center of Madrid. We designed a space where anyone who wanted to receive the best of the most underground London could do it.