Campaign details

Brand: Excedrin Migraine
Lead Agency: Weber Shandwick
Region: NA



America's 38 million migraine sufferers experience symptoms that interfere with their everyday lives–nausea, sensitivity to light and sound, visual disturbances and intense pain. And unfortunately, migraines often show up in a place sufferers spend the most time: at work. In fact, workplace migraines are more prevalent than many other illnesses including heart disease, diabetes and arthritis. In addition to the physical pain, migraines can take an emotional toll on sufferers, who often face bias in the workplace due to a lack of understanding about the condition.

As such, the Excedrin Works campaign sought to:

  • Shed light on migraines in the workplace and foster greater empathy for sufferers
  • Position Excedrin as the brand that understands migraine pain and brings sufferers much-needed relief and empathy
  • Drive consumer consideration and trial of Excedrin Migraine
Target Audience