Campaign details

Brand: Knorr
Lead Agency: Digitas Liquorice
Region: EMEA



We're continuously on the lookout for innovative ways that will help our consumers with their daily meal planning. We also wanted to connect with our consumers in a way that had not been done before, allowing them to interact and engage regularly with the brand in a way that was easily accessible, instant and fuss free.

According to WWF Food Loss and Waste Report 2017, a third of all food, or 10 million tons in South Africa is never consumed and ends up in rubbish dumps every year.

Knorr Whatsfordinner, South Africa's largest recipe portal, is committed to finding faster and smarter ways to use food left behind in the kitchen, rather than letting it end up in the rubbish bin. But with so much food going to waste, how could we find out which ingredients people really were finding difficult to be inspired by and reduce food wastage all at one go?

Target Audience