Campaign details

Brand: Lifebuoy
Lead Agency: PHD China
Region: APAC



Lifebuoy's previous communication was being misattributed to their competitors because all the players in the category (anti-germ hand wash, including soap) were using the same triggers, the same look and feel for their commercials, plus similar functional claims. Category communications had gotten to a point where you couldn't tell one brand from the other. To make matters worse, the main competitor invested 10 times more and were dominating across all distribution channels.

To boost sales and raise its brand awareness, we needed to develop an unconventional, high impact initiative that would provide real-life value to people while asserting Lifebuoy's germ-killing efficacy.

The goal was simple – to see a 10% upward trajectory in sales and brand metrics. The task was clear:

  1. Stake a claim for Lifebuoy within anti-bacterial personal care category
  2. Explore untapped sales channels to bypass competition.
Target Audience