Campaign details

Brand: Maybelline
Lead Agency: Mindshare China
Region: APAC



Maybelline New York hired Hong Kong star William Chan to be brand ambassador to promote the Color Sensational lipstick range.

Chan is super popular among Maybelline's young, female target audience - they are also target audience of many other brands.

How can Maybelline leverage new fan economy and create business impact?

Target Audience

Young, female 18-35 years old.

Creative Strategy

Chinese people love celebrities. Rate of celebrity endorsement among ads in China is the highest across the world. (Source: Millward Brown)

With the popularity of social media, the interaction between celebrities and fans is changed forever too. Relationship between the two is much closer and much more interdependent.

When researching about Chan's fans, Maybelline found out that his fan-base is not only massive; they are ultra protective too. They name themselves his "Queens", meaning they protect Chan like queen protects her king. There were instances where Chan's agent had to stop Chan's endorsement deals because his fans thought the brands are not good fit for Chan.