Campaign details

Brand: Nicotex
Lead Agency: m/SIX
Region: APAC



Quitting smoking is difficult. The objective of Nicotex's campaign was to make intenders believe that it is possible to quit smoking, demonstrate success stories of people who've already quit smoking and simultaneously inspire other smokers who want to quit. This would establish Nicotex as an enabler in this journey of conquering one's personal Everest. The campaign kickstarted with a contest asking people to either send in stories of their ongoing struggle to quit smoking or success stories of how they managed to kick the habit. Milind Soman and Atul Kasbekar shared videos talking about their stories of struggle and encouraged their fans to give up the habit reiterating that if they can quit smoking, anyone can.

Three smokers and three ex-smokers were chosen from thousands of contest entries online for an adventurous journey to the Everest basecamp giving birth to a 6-episode TV show + web series called I CAN YOU CAN which was hosted by the epitome of fitness - Milind Soman.