Campaign details

Brand: Tinder
Lead Agency: M Booth
Region: Global 



As the brand that changed how people meet and make connections all over the globe, Tinder wanted to continue to drive the narrative about dating in the digital age and the importance of fostering love in all its forms. The overall objective for the #RepresentLove campaign was to change brand perception around Tinder from that of a tech company known for its "hook up" app reputation to that of a company with heart that stood for something - in this case, its commitment to representing its diverse user base in our modern day visual language.

While emojis have just recently become more diverse as of February 2015, one group of people that are still excluded from emoji representation are interracial couples. There are a few emojis for different types of couples but there are currently no options for interracial couples and it never feels good to feel unrepresented and unseen.