Campaign details

Brand: Sprite
Lead Agency: J.Walter Thompson
Region: LATAM



The idea was to turn boring formulas the students had to know by heart into catchy songs that also helped promote Sprite's new formula. To do that, we turned to YouTube and found 6 teachers that used music to help students memorize formulas for college admission tests and invited them to write songs, shoot, and perform in the music videos, with songs for the 7 formulas that were more frequently required in the last 10 years, according to data from Google.

Creative Strategy

Instead of promoting just Sprite's new formula, we decided to help the students with the formulas they needed to memorize in order to get into college. And that would be Sprite's way to help release some of the pressure they were feeling in that phase. So, we went over the last 10 years of college admission exams, and found out what the most frequently asked formulas were. Then we called 6 teachers of 5 different subjects – mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and grammar – to write songs about these formulas. We did everything so they could study along with their sidekicks, their mobile phones.