Campaign details

Brand: TUMS
Lead Agency: Weber Shandwick
Region: NA



In 2017 TUMS launched "Chewy Bites", an antacid that works just as fast as regular TUMS, but tastes delicious, thanks to its tasty outer shell and soft, chewy center.

A group in which TUMS does not have historically high penetration, millennials, are becoming increasingly difficult to reach through traditional TV ads. To reach this new audience, we developed a cohesive digital and social campaign to drive home our product's key message of fast, tasty relief.

Target Audience

This campaign primarily targeted millennials who we found were experiencing heartburn at higher rates than the rest of the population (59% versus 54%, respectively). However, social listening informed us that they're hesitant to treat, partly due to taste-related aversion. Of social conversations involving "TUMS" and "taste", nearly half were negative; consumers using descriptors like "chalky" and "gross", while recognizing the brand as a dated or old-fashioned treatment.

Creative Strategy