Campaign details

Brand: Unilever - Signal
Lead agency: R/GA London
Region: EMEA


Signal's social mission is to get families around the world to brush their teeth both in the day and at night. Brushing twice a day, especially at night, has huge positive implications on oral health, yet research showed that most families were still only brushing once a day.

In Bangladesh 93% of families only brush their teeth once a day in addition to 64% in Nigeria and 83% in India. Even more developed countries have significant room for improvement, as 38% of the UK and 35% of France also only brush their teeth once a day.

This is a huge mission to change the behaviour of millions of people all in one go, so Signal wanted to focus their attention on an audience where we could affect the most change: kids. By focusing on kids we would have the opportunity to help drive behaviour change and sustain it, for the better. Signal also has the belief that 'kids can change the world', and so wanted kids to lead the example for parents to get them to adopt healthy oral care habits too. Kids are smarter than parents after all! So this mission fits perfectly into the Signal world because, in a world of hygienic dental experts that talk down to you, Signal speaks with compassion and love, the most family focused oral care brand.