The online sexual exploitation of children is a clear and grave threat. In 2013 the NCA estimated that approximately 50,000 individuals in the UK were downloading and sharing indecent images of children. While, the law is clear that viewing indecent images of children is illegal, quantitative research identified that younger men (aged 18-24) were significantly less likely than other age groups to recognise the law.

RICU tasked Britain Thinks to understand the drivers behind this pattern to inform an education and prevention campaign designed to better equip these young men to navigate their online world legally. The project was led by RICU in the Home Office, in partnership with the Internet Watch Foundation, NSPCC, and Marie Collins Foundation with the overarching aim of driving a cultural shift - diluting and addressing early stage 'risky' behaviours that if otherwise not addressed could lead to child sexual abuse.

There were three key considerations that informed the design of our approach: