Agency: Trad3mark, Malaysia

Summary Statement

In 2016, AIA launched AIA VITALITY, a health program that rewards healthy choices, (not an insurance policy). This is part of AlA's commitment to help Malaysians live longer, healthier and better lives

The program entails a simple yet structured action-reward roadmap where AIA members get to live healthier through their daily routine/lifestyle via a 3-step cycle: know your health, improve your health and enjoy the rewards.

By living healthier and better, AIA anticipates fewer claims so everybody wins.

The challenge

Despite the A&P efforts and awareness drive amongst AIA Life Planners (agents), reason-to-believe remains low amongst both Life Planners and customers.

Reasons: The program does not resonate incentives to Life Planners (insurance agents are usually sale-reward driven, this is not something they can sell and expect immediate reward) hence, advocacy of AIA Vitality to members remains low. After all, most customers still take their insurance agents as the primary contact in regard to any sort of information and claims.