Agency: Naga DDB Tribal, Malaysia


Though brand awareness of Astro remains high, the brand is losing its relevance with its Malay audience. In August 2016, Astro's brand index fell to a 2-year low score of -33.5 amongst them. Hence the need to engage them was more important than ever. Hari Raya Aidilfitri (Eid al'Fitr) is an important celebration for Muslims and having brand presence during the period will increase engagement with a majority of our Malay consumers.

However, brands have also begun investing heavily into the season thus increasing competition of reach and attention during the Raya period. Due to budgetary constraints in 2017, we had 15% less than the 2016 budget to optimize. To maintain competitiveness, Astro had to invest most of their marketing budget into media spend, leaving little to none for consumer engagement.

In 2014, we launched a campaign themed ' Kosong-kosong' (zero-zero) to inspire people to start their new year by reconciling their differences and forgiving each other for any wrongdoings. The theme of forgiveness continued in 2017 where we brought to life stories of human kindness and sincerity that comes sincerely from the heart (film titled 'Dari Hati' or 'From the Heart' was the central piece of communication).