Agency: Wunderman Beijing, China



Snickers wanted to increase sales among Chinese students by marketing the Snickers bar as the best snack to defeat dizziness, sleepiness and angriness. However, being the busiest students in the world, Chinese students rarely had time to spend online. In this case, traditional digital channels and methods had limitations reaching this specific group of students.


There were only a few online social platforms trending among Chinese students, one of them being Q-ZONE. We created an online prank poster generator using Q-Zone and allowed students to upload photos of their classmates then add filters to create the Hungry Brothers Wanted prank posters.


During the 3-month campaign, Hungry Students Wanted achieved over 5.5 million PV and over 1.5 million posters were created. Market share increased 3 times, while sales volume increased 10 times compared to the previous period.

Campaign Strategy