Agency: Leo Burnett Malaysia

The Summary Statement

Turning a three-decade-old product into a trendy talk-of-the-town product.

Campaign Strategy

Malaysians love fried chicken. And McDonald's Malaysia serves it!

Ayam Goreng McD has been on McDonald's Malaysia's menu for over 30 years... but there was just one problem... Malaysians didn't know about it.

The fried chicken market is cluttered. From fast-food brands, to restaurant chains and even our local Malaysian eateries, fried chicken is sold literally everywhere in Malaysia.

However, if you pay attention to the usual fried chicken advertising, they all have one thing in common... it's usually to excite the eyes with over the top food shots.

So how could McDonald's, a brand that's normally associated with burgers and fries, penetrate into the fried chicken space, and win customer's hearts and tummies?

Campaign Concept

Sound is the forgotten flavour sense, according to Charles Spence, Oxford University Psychologist. Food, and the sounds it makes while we eat it, plays a huge part in how delicious it is.