Agency: OMD Malaysia

The Summary Statement

Mocha Kau Bahagia was a top drama on Malaysia's top TV channel, which also doubled up as an education platform for McCafe. It not only helped the client increase McCafe sales, but also had the surprising effect of becoming a desired place to work.

Campaign Strategy

McCafe had yet to be officially introduced to the Malaysian public. Up to this point, McDonald's has been slowly increasing the number of stores with a McCafe without any launch advertising campaign. So it has not set the tone for its image yet.

Thus far Malaysians tended to associate McCafe with low-quality coffee and an unappealing ambience due to its being in McDonald's stores. This is contrary to consumer expectation of a cafe being trendy. Therefore McCafe was falling behind in the coffee popularity stakes, especially when compared with top brands like Starbucks. McCafe had to find a way to let people know that its coffee had great taste, was brewed from quality Arabica beans, and had exceptional value.