Agency: Impact Communications, India

Campaign Strategy

Rural India has seen a metamorphosis in the past few years both in terms of infrastructure and income. We as a nation have been notoriously famous for power cuts and even more so in rural India where the challenge was two fold access and availability.

But the past few years have seen a massive thrust on electrification with government spending upwards of Rs 45000 Cr in both electricity generation and distribution.

As per a report by the power ministry 13,523 villages have been for the first time electrified in the past 2 years alone heralding a new era for these villagers.

State of business for Philips: Whilst increase in electrified households has opened a new set of market in rural India yet the new set of brands have been faster to capture the aspirations of this growing class leaving behind Philips a pioneer in lighting solution.

Being the oldest and world's largest lighting company, with 200+ products and having a best recall, Philips lighting is now ill prepared in terms of reach and distribution. There was a dire need for the brand to build an alternative and robust channel to cover the untapped market.