Agency: PHD Hong Kong

The summary statement

Rexona Men’s deodorant is a sporting must have in Hong Kong, but it is not considered a daily personal hygiene necessity as only one in five men use deodorant. This is because most men are oblivious to their body odour.

To resolve this, we tapped into the cultural insight that men are highly sensitive to women's opinions of them. We conceptualised a social experiment video, instead of direct brand communication. We placed attractive non-deodorant wearing men on a blind date. The verdict and expressions of disgust from female dates hit the message on the nail, showing that body odour affects social life beyond sports.

Extending the concept further, we identified 50 different interest segments of men based on Google Suites of Audience insights data signals of their digital viewing and searching behaviour. This inspired the creation of 50 different data-driven video creatives. The 50 creatives hijacked men's various interests to remind men that no matter how excellent one is in their area of interest, body odour is a deterrent for ladies.