Agency: The Brand Brewery, India

Summary Statement

Tata Salt is the market leader in India. However, their biggest challenge was to penetrate the rural market where loose salt is available for cheap. To break into this market, Tata Salt wanted to educate the rural audiences about its vacuum-sealed pure salt manufactured in their Mithapur factory, and consequent positive health effects through an experiential on-ground activity. We innovated the idea of 'Mithapur Express' wherein we demonstrated this unique journey of purity through virtual reality, and virtually transported them to the saltpans of Mithapur. Coupled with educational fun games, purity tests and sample distribution, the on-ground promotion to create brand awareness reached over 75 lakh people, brand visibility touching 12 lakh and a 27% increase in sales.

Campaign Strategy

Tata Salt is India's leading salt brand with over 50% market share. However, the next wave of growth for the brand would come from rural markets. But the rural market was flooded with local and loose brands which are available at lower prices.