Agency: George P. Johnson, China


Tencent has played a big role in shaping China's internet landscape as well as influencing its culture and mindset; from the way consumers pay, to the content that entertains them. In recent years, UP brings together developers and media for talks and insights with Tencent experts and a first look at Tencent's latest products. Tencent aims to push harder in 2018 to cultivate and influence a positive creative culture that will spark a cultural elevation in the internet entertainment industry. Hence, coining the term 新文创 (Neo-Culture Creativity).

The event was held at China National Convention Center in Beijing, which has many restrictions and limitations, making it difficult to customize structures and spaces. It could not house more than 2000 people at a time.

How do we weave together an event that houses multiple content styles, and yet coming together to celebrate the launch of a new culture? How do we connect with partners and media, but at the same time, reaching the consumers in a unified message?


  • Introduce 新文创 (Neo-Culture Creativity) to the world, via a memorable moment, that is powerful and emotionally connected to 新文创 (Neo-Culture Creativity).
  • Position Tencent as an innovative internet entertainment industry leader, via a ground breaking and out-of-the-box launch event format.