The Summary Statement

In fasting season, while other brands in Indonesia used religious image to communicate themselves, Sprite stayed being truthful to what consumers really experience during Ramadan: to withstand the hunger and thirst throughout the day. This campaign smartly empathize to what consumers experienced during fasting: the feeling of thirst, by portraying what consumers actually feel when they are thirsty to build desire to the product (Sprite) and exposed the campaign material at the moment and location where thirst are at the highest level (highest temperature of the day). To strengthen the effect, special discount are shared as reward to consumers and at the same time stimulating purchases.

Campaign Strategy

During Ramadan, the most festive season in Indonesia, every drinking brands will intensely communicate to be appealing for breaking the fast (iftar). Indonesian moslem celebrate iftar with variety of drinks, but not sparkling drink like Sprite. We need to boosts Sprite sales in Ramadan season where the product relevance decreasing, while the alternative drinking products are intensely communicating and desired.

Campaign Concept