Agency: Jack Morton Worldwide, Singapore

The Summary Statement

Magnum has been long known as the as a slice of decadent indulgence, conveniently consumed from a stick.

So when Singapore was tasked as the first Asian market to launch the first Magnum pint, we knew we needed to focus on what it was that made the new Magnum pint different from any other - our crackable chocolate shell that were made to be broken.

We brought #MadeToBeBroken to life through an immersive launch experience that delighted and rewarded members of the media, influencers and consumers through a series of decadent launch experiences that were all made to be broken.

We broke Magnum's market record that same year when the campaign captured 21.4% of market share, the highest since 2013.

Campaign Strategy

Representing 20% of the score

Magnum has been largely associated with ice cream in a stick format. With Singapore being chosen as the first Asian market to launch the Magnum pint, this put them up against some established competitors who are market leaders in the pints category.