Agency: Entropia, Malaysia

Summary Statement

In 2017, our analysis showed that the giant competitor has cut their adspend across all other mediums, with the exception of Radio. We wanted to win where they are active, with an integrated radio activation that cuts across on-air, online and on-ground. We identified and partnered with Malaysia's highest listenership stations – Era (top Malay station) and Hitz (top English station) to launch Battle of Radio DJs on-ground to launch an integrated approach. For Wonda to break through the advocacy clutter, we thought that the radio deejays should not be just advocating the brands – they should be selling the products!

This led to our strategy of turning radio jockeys into sales jockeys. We chose radio deejays with highest popularity count to spearhead the battle. It wasn't just a battle between stations or the radio DJs, it was a battle between 3.491 Million of ERA followers versus 909,000 of Hitz followers! As it turned out to be the biggest radio affair of the year, we broke all targets and approximately 10,000 cans were sold by the DJs in just 5 days! What was to be a nationwide sales activation for 7 days had to be cut short to 5 days as products were sold out!

Campaign Strategy