Campaign details

Brand: thyssenkrupp
Agency: Ideal H+K Strategies

South America Scenario in 2017


  • Sale of thyssenkrupp CSA (steel mill plant) in Rio de Janeiro
    • Sales: ∼ 50% of the sales in the region
    • Employees: 13,000 to9,000
  • Local economical challenges (VUCA) affecting our businesse

What our stakeholders are thinking

  • Is South America still a focus region for thyssenkrupp?
  • Is thyssenkrupp leaving the region?
  • Are we going to overcome this economic crisis?
  • Do we have a future here?

Communication challenge: Reinforce our local commitment "thyssenkrupp is here, strong and shaping the future"

180th Anniversary in South America


Take advantage of 180th anniversary as an important stage to engage our key stakeholders and reinforce our local commitment