Campaign details

Advertiser: AB InBev
Brand: AB InBev
Agency: Avian Media PvT Ltd
Country: India

When Anheuser-Busch-InBev (AB InBev) and SABMiller, the world's two largest brewers joined hands in a merger of over $100 billion in 2015, AB InBev became the undisputed world leader. However, in the same year, two AB InBev plants in India faced a shut-down threat as they did not comply with the Voyageur Plant Optimisation safety and quality standards that were mandatory for all the 49 breweries across the world to operate. The first certification attempt in 2015 failed and this was the last opportunity to elude a life-altering adversity for over 200 factory workers. Our campaign helped AB InBev continue operations in India.

Objectives and budget

  • To win the Voyager Plant Optimisation (VPO) Certification for both the brewries in India – Telengana and Satara.
  • Make VPO a way of life for the factory workers.
  • Budget: INR 30,35,000 (Including agency fee, design, events and logistics).

Audience insight

  • The factory workers in both breweries – over 200.
  • Plant managers and pillar owners.
  • HR and Learning and development departments at AB-Inbev.
  • After conducting a survey and voxpops among workers, pillar owners and plant managers, we got two key insights: First, VPO literature was protracted, heavy on jargon, and in English, making it difficult for non-English-speaking factory workers to comprehend and adopt the guidelines. And secondly, there was a lack of seriousness and motivation to learn and implement the VPO guidelines in everyday work.