Campaign details

Brand: Abrintel
Agency: S/A Llorente & Cuenca

Law 13756 that regulates the installation of cell sites in São Paulo today was created in 2004, when 4G systems did not exist.

At that time, the equipment of cell sites was the size of a container. That's why this Law only allows the installation of cell sites on streets more than 10 meters wide to accommodate these containers. Today, the same equipment is the size of a washing machine.

In addition, this Law only authorizes the installation of cell sites on lands with formal ownership. The problem is that, in many regions of São Paulo, land occupants, even legitimate ones, only have possession rights, leading to neighborhoods without a cellular antenna. 

Given this scenario, the Brazilian Association of Telecommunications Infrastructure (Abrintel), which started operating in the country less than three years ago, has hired S/A LLORENTE & CUENCA to solve three major challenges:

  • Make it one of the main references in telecommunications infrastructures in Brazil
  • Unlock proposed Law 751/2013 at the City Council of São Paulo
  • Develop a research and related content (a whitepaper and infographics) to demonstrated in numbers the economic and social impacts of the lack of antennas due to an outdated law.

What we did