Background of Alizila

  • Alibaba went public on the NYSE in the largest IPO in history in Sept 2014. Virtually all the company's investors and much of the media who cover the company are in the West, yet the more than half a billion consumers who use and love the products and service are in China. This created a massive information asymmetry the company needed to correct.
  • Based in China, the company is hard to cover for Western media. Not only because of language, distance and time zone, but also because China is largely misunderstood.
  • Enter Alizila - the company's corporate news site run by a team of world-class journalists from outlets including NBC, WSJ, and CNBC, among others, who cover the company like a beat reporters.
  • Alizila has become THE source of record for media, investors, influencers, and Western brands and retailers to understand Alibaba and the China e-commerce and retail landscape.