Campaign details

Brand: Ananse
Agency: Little George (Ketchum)


A book has been a universal communications tool and culture-bearer in every society almost since the beginning of time. Now, a Brazilian company has invented a way for a book to serve as more than a literary tale for education and enjoyment. It's turned books and other everyday things – like children's toys – into objects that also serve to repel disease-transmitting mosquitoes. In countries like Brazil, where yellow fever, malaria and Zika pose serious public health threats, these new mosquito-fighting tools are proving to be critical forms of defence wherever vaccines are scarce and topical repellents are unaffordable.

Situation Analysis

Yellow fever (YF), spread by the Aedes aegyptimosquito, is the "Brazilian plague," with a kill rate equal to Ebola's. Brazil's 2017 outbreak (with 261 confirmed deaths through September) is the largest since the 1980s. Malaria cases have risen 35% in one year, with 2,000+ infections. Children are especially at risk since 86% of malaria deaths globally occur under age five. The Zika virus also continues to threaten the unborn babies of pregnant women.