Campaign details

Brand: Banco Sabadell
Agency: S/A Llorente & Cuenca

Banco Sabadell, A Disruptive Player in Personal Banking

Banco Sabadell is a Bank with a long trajectory in Spain, and gaining a strong position in the Mexican market. They have chose this country as the place to introduce their new and disruptive personal bank, which has several characteristics that make it different. For starters, a 100% digital service. Working side by side with LLORENTE & CUENCA, Personal Bank of Banco Sabadell has made a strong impression so far.

But First, Context.

  • Since January 2016, Banco Sabadell got the license to operate as a financial entity in Mexico.
  • From that moment, the enterprise and company portfolio it has surpassed in a meaningful way the expectations of growing volumes.
  • Also, it has positioned credit over 9,000 million Mexican pesos in Business Bank, and over 41,000 million Mexican pesos in Corporate Bank, for a portfolio of tier 1 and 2 companies, with high credit rankings.
  • But, to this moment, Banco Sabadell didn't have any presence in the personal banking sector in Mexico.
  • The Bank decided to create a new, innovational, disruptive offer that would solve all of the client's main complains and problems.
    • The personal bank is based in a digital model, where the main channel is an app, but with an important human touch, giving all of its clients a new and different experience of what the Mexican market is used to.
    • At the moment, is available for saving products, as interest-bearing accounts and commercial papers.
    • The Bank doesn't have any branches, since their main goal is to get away of the regular practices of most of the banks, which get their clients into long lines, heavy paperwork, and complicated processes.