With promising data on its investigational gene therapy for hemophilia A, the 'stage was set' for BioMarin Pharmaceuticals' to debut itself to the bleeding disorders community. But with minimal interaction with patients, caregivers and advocacy groups outside a clinical setting, not to mention in a crowded and competitive setting, BioMarin needed to find a way to engage with the community in a unique and authentic way that reflected the values of the company.

Strategic Insights & Research

In order to understand the unique needs of those living with a bleeding disorder, such as hemophilia, the first step was to find a partner that intimately knew the community – enter Believe Limited. Led by Patrick James Lynch, an advocate living with severe hemophilia A and one of the most influential voices in the community, Believe Limited underscored that living with a bleeding disorder means far more than managing physical symptoms, especially for young teens. They detailed the effects that bleeding disorders have on a person's identity, confidence, emotions, and relationships with others. What's more, poor health can significantly exacerbate the effects of loneliness. This is further amplified by the fact that connecting with peers through popular high school extracurricular, like sports, is impossible for someone living with a bleeding disorder.