The Assignment

Going back to its roots to rediscover the tech-giant's true-north:

How Cisco's brand renaissance emerged from the notion that what's good for the world, is good for business.

The Preamble…

It began more than 30 years ago, when two computers connected for the first time, and the network was born. This network would become the backbone for great change in the world – in connecting businesses, financial exchanges, and governments; the rise of e-commerce, the growth of global industries, and connecting of people once separated by oceans, time zones, and languages.

Even when Cisco was just a start-up, its purpose was clear – to build bridges to new possibilities, to solve real business and social problems. Three decades later, with more than 74,000 employees, so much has changed in technology, in business, and society. And yet, Cisco's purpose remained steadfast.