Situation Analysis

In September 2017, Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico just days after Hurricane Irma struck the Island. It was a pivotal moment in Puerto Rico's history, a disaster that millions watched unfold in the media. The world saw an island with no electricity, a broken infrastructure, and a mounting death toll.

To prospective tourists, the island appeared all but decimated. The destructive images redefined the once inviting, beautiful island and its people.

Our agency was brought on to guide Puerto Rico from its worst disaster to one of the fastest recoveries in tourism history, engineering a comeback story for the ages.

Strategically targeting socially conscious travelers, we convinced them that one of the best ways to help Puerto Rico recover economically was to visit - to travel with purpose. "Meaningful travel" became our motivating message to rekindle tourism and wage an effective "Come Back to Comeback" campaign. We debunked myths about the Island's condition, aggressively promoted tourism, and validated the destination with third party accolades.