Campaign details

Advertiser: Ola
Brand: Ola
Agency: Adfactors PR
Country: India

Situation analysis

The $6-9 billion organised taxi market in India is an extremely competitive one. Factors such as market leadership, customer satisfaction and driver loyalty are critical to a company's success. Ola, the market leader in India, realised early on that it must consolidate the supply chain by adding more driver partners to its platform, besides retaining the existing ones.

PR objective

As Ola's retained PR consultancy, we were given the following mandates:

  1. Create affinity towards Ola among the driver community
  2. Encourage them to become Ola's partners


Given the objective and our primary audience – existing and potential driver partners, we decided that the best and the most impactful way to reach out to them would be through stories they could immediately relate to.