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Brand: Marriott
Agency: JeffreyGroup


According to research done by Transgender Europe, Latin America presents a troubling contradiction: While the region has some of the most progressive laws for LGBT equality and protection, it also shows extremely high rates of violence against the LGBT community. Same-sex marriage and adoption laws were approved last decade in some countries, but members of the LGBT community are still afraid to be themselves and show their true colors as they go about everyday life. That goes for companies as well. Few well-known brands have come out publicly in support of LGBT rights in the region, many out of concern of violating local norms and offending existing and potential customers.

Marriott is not willing to join those companies in their silence. For nearly two decades, Marriott has dedicated resources and made efforts to support the LGBT community. With more than 250 properties across 19 brands in over 30 countries in Latin America, and a strong culture of inclusion worldwide, Marriott believes that love is a universal language. And when love travels, it has the power to bridge cultures and inspire discovery, connecting people, places, and purposes around the world.