Campaign details

Brand: Ferrocarriles Suburbanos
Agency: Zimat Consultores

Tren Suburbano is a public transport running since 2007, that moves around 200 thousand users daily between Mexico City and the State of Mexico, minimizing commuting time to 25 minutes instead of more than 3 hours.

However, people in Mexico City and in all the country, are not familiar with the existence of this train. In Mexico City, Tren Suburbano is only known by those who need it to get to their school, work and home every day.

Creating strategic alliances with media, brands and events that are relevant to the metropolitan population of Mexico City and its surroundings has been key to Zimat's PR and communication strategy for Tren Suburbano.

Two years ago, Zimat started shaping the idea of linking Tren Suburbano to urban fashion events. Finally, with the collaboration of COLOÜRS (PR agency to Fashion Week Mexico), this idea took shape and the Suburbanos' station of Buenavista was transformed into a unique runway for the 2017 Fashion Show.