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Agency: AvianWE
Brand: Fortis Healthcare

Many of us have lost a family member, a friend, a well-wisher or a colleague due to organ failure or inability to get an organ donor on time for a transplant. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), only 0.01 percent of people in India donate their organs after death, while globally the number is around 70-80 percent.

Statistics reveal that in India:

  • Only 15,000 kidney transplants are conducted against an estimated 220,000 required.
  • More than 100,000 people die due to end-stage liver disease, alcohol abuse and Hepatitis B and C, but only 2000 liver transplants are performed every year.
  • Around 50,000 donor hearts and 20,000 donor lungs are required for transplants every year.

There is a colossal gap between the number of transplants required and the abysmally low number of donors which leads to a loss of more than 50,000 human lives each year. The need of the hour is to generate awareness about organ donation, bust misconceptions and earn public support so that more people come forward to pledge their organs and, thereby, save lives.