Fremont Website Takes Holistic Approach to SEO

The days of gaming online search with keywords and title tags are over. Google now rewards quality content that serves the target audiences. Of course using an algorithm to arbitrate "quality" brings into play 200+ ranking factors.

Why start with such in-the-weed details?

When the City of Fremont tasked The Hoffman Agency with increasing the reach of its business website, they defined the assignment as a traditional SEO audit. It didn't take us long to conclude that sure, we could squeeze incremental traffic out of the site, but the property had become fundamentally flawed. We explained to Fremont that similar to renovating a shabby house that really should be torn down, it was to time to bulldoze and rebuild the site from the ground up. More than address ranking factors for Google, this would advance the city's business proposition and differentiate it against much larger cities.3