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Agency: Eikona PR Measurement
Brand: Godrej Group

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About Eikona PR Measurement

Eikona PR Measurement is India's only neutral and holistic PR Measurement and MIS service provider. It is a division of TAM Media Research – A Nielsen & Kantar JV. Eikona's PR Measurement, Research and Audit services are aimed towards partnering Clients towards Complete Brand Management and fortifying the Client-PR Agency Relationship. The key objective is help PR Industry do 'PR for PR' with the help of scientific data sets (

We were approached by Godrej Group to set up a Holistic & Effective PR Measurement framework and help them achieve the following goals and raise the bar:

  1. Streamline PR Measurement across Godrej Group by setting up effective structures, systems and processes.
  2. Clearly demarcate effective quality and quantity parameters of data evaluation and help the client gradually achieve higher scores.
  3. Create monthly dashboards and scorecards for on-going course correction strategy.
  4. Showcase a positive shift in the reputation needle in a scientific manner based on Eikona and other/external data parameters.
  5. Help Godrej gradually achieve the following scores in Eikona report card:
    1. Maximum PR Share of Voice amongst peer/competition sets.
    2. Ensure that the Space/CCMS& Count of Articles go up by 15%.
    3. Ensure the geographical coverage of News is well spread across Priority/Focus Markets.
    4. Ensure Negative News Tonality does not cross beyond 2%.
    5. Ensure that the messaging framework is well balanced for holistic brand building.
  6. Ensure that Godrej Brand rankings on External/Neutral Research based platforms (Nielsen, Millward Brown, Trust Research Advisory, etc.) move up.
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