Today's woman is focused on a lot of things. She is so busy taking care of everything and everyone around her that often her own health is neglected. She is a "woman in the middle"!

Work Responsibilities

Home Responsibilities

Sitting on a two-legged stool that consists of work and home responsibilities, women are constantly trying to strike a balance to keep from falling down. By making her own health a priority, she can add a third leg to that stool, making it easier to achieve a balanced and happy life.

Here is an eye-opening video that furthers our cause:

"Just a Small Heart Attack"

Situation Overview

Passionate about women's health and creating partnerships that support our mantra of "Let's Do Something Different"—GCI Health has taken on this platform to educate our industry, women and our staff on the importance of taking care of their health needs. Through original-funded primary research, we conducted a series of nationwide surveys to better understand the health habits of women ages 30-60. Our charge is to inspire women holistically, offering tools to help them simplify and prioritize the health of their family (including themselves) to effectively communicate, educate and drive action.