Campaign details

Brand: HP
Agency: Edelman


HP is the market leader in printers in The Netherlands. However, compared to its competitors, HP had a limited portfolio of photo printers. In 2017, HP introduced the HP Sprocket, a wireless, pocket-sized portable printer aimed at social media-oriented millennials. The Sprocket lets you print directly from your phone and use the photos as stickers.

However, there was the issue of how to sell a printer to young people who didn't grow up with physical photos. As well as that of how to sell the message that they needed to print the pictures on their mobile phones?

Traditional business partners were not enthusiastic about selling the Sprocket as HP was not seen as successful in photo printers. HP decided to sell the Sprocket through a low-cost Dutch drug store outlet, known for its mass-volume deals. However, the sales figures were disappointing, and it realised the Sprocket was too high-end for this channel.