Campaign details

Brand: Kaspersky Lab
Agency: JeffreyGroup

Mission Save the World

Kaspersky Lab is one of the world's largest privately owned cybersecurity companies operating in more than 200 countries and territories. Its ultimate mission - to "save the world" - speaks to the serious nature of the global threats to cybersecurity that impact all aspects of modern life, as well as the company's commitment to making cyberspace safer and to protect what matters most to people. This vision unites the company's business goals.

Kaspersky Lab products protect over 400 million users, including 270,000 corporate clients.

In 2017, Kaspersky solutions and technologies:

  • Repelled 1,188,728,338 online attacks
  • Recognized 199,455,606 malicious URLs
  • Detected 15,714,700 malicious objects
  • Blocked malware capable of stealing money on 1,126,701 devices