Campaign details

Advertiser: GODREJ
Brand: Goodknight Fabric Roll-On
Country: India

Although 95% of India live in malaria/dengue prone areas, the usage of outdoor personal repellents is only 2.8%. The need was to increase adoption rate for personal repellents in India and build the category.

People are not habituated to using personal repellents and stay indoors instead for fear of mosquitoes. The most susceptible to this mindset are mothers, who restrict their children from going out to play, leading to a whole new generation that live an unhealthy lifestyle. Our campaign aimed at catalyzing a behavioral change by changing mindsets to encourage mothers to send their children outdoors to play.

Objectives and budget

  • Define a new category of out of home personal repellents.
  • Habit creation – building a habit of using mosquito repellent daily instead of seasonal/SOS usage.
  • Building awareness – encouraging children to go out and play without the fear of mosquitoes.
  • Impact sales using PR as a tool.
  • Establish out of home as a key category in the GK portfolio.
  • Increase market share for Goodknight personal repellent – more than 10%.
  • 2X increase in sales for Goodknight fabric roll on.
  • Generate trials for Goodknight fabric roll – reach out to more than a lakh potential consumers.
  • Increase visibility for the brand on traditional and digital media on all qualitative parameters.

Audience insight and strategy developed

Direct Stakeholders
  • Kids up to 12 years old (key influencers)
  • Parents and family (decision makers )
  • Teachers and principals (key opinion leader)
  • Medical & wellbeing experts
  • Parents, grandparent social influencer clubs
  • Celebrities – sports and adventure

Strategy and planning

Encourage kids to move away from electronic gadgets (ipads, phone etc ) and step out to play. GK Fabric roll offers a solution to the mother to keep the child protected from mosquitoes.