Campaign details

Agency: Avian WE
Brand: McDonald's India (West and South)

Executive summary

Since the day McDonald's set foot in India (West and South), the company has kept its customers' wants and preferences at the heart of all its offerings. With a growing clamour among customers for more variety in the McDonald's menu, the company decided to do something exciting and grand.

Result: Flavours Without Borders was born.

The task at hand for us: this was the first time McDonald's was launching three new cuisines and 12 new products in one go:

  • We had to generate excitement in our consumers about the upcoming campaign and keep them intrigued about what's cooking at McDonald's?
  • All our communication should speak VARIETY.
  • Inspire trust by informing consumers that they wanted variety and McDonald's has listened to them.
  • Grab attention everywhere they go: a fully integrated campaign.