Campaign details

Advertiser: Pepsico
Brand: Mirinda
Agency: Edelman India
Country: India

Situation analysis

Exam pressure can sometimes seem like a real tangle for many teenagers. Year after year, teens go through the ever-mounting exam stress, stemmed from college admissions, rising expectations and fierce competition. While it has become imperative to maintain a support network with parents and teachers, it is shocking to note that teenagers still found it difficult to cope or even discuss their anxiety and fears at home. In several instances like this, penning down thoughts and concerns works where verbal communication becomes a challenge.

Hence, this year, Mirinda, a brand which is renowned for its fun attitude, lent its voice to the issue but in an unusual manner. With its "No More Pressurepanti, Only Pagalpanti" campaign, it opened and even shocked, at times, parents and teenagers with the 'real' sentiments of 'real' teens penned down in open letters.