Campaign details

Brand: Pfizer
Agency: Ketchum/Little George


As part of Yellow September, Pfizer's month-long awareness campaign on the affects of depression, the agency delivered a dramatic twist. Enlisting professional actors who think they're being cast in a movie, the viral video captures the moment when they realize they don't know how to portray people with real depression: a profound illustration of the misunderstanding that surrounds the disease.


According to the World Health Organization, depression affects 322 million people worldwide. Between 2005 and 2015, that number grew 18.4%. Brazil has the second highest prevalence of depression in the Western Hemisphere, behind only the United States. Pfizer Brazil, one of the world's most innovative pharmaceutical companies, decided it was time to go public with the real threat of the disease: misunderstanding.

U.S. based Pfizer, Inc. is a global leader in pharmaceutical medicines and over-the-counter healthcare products. Its portfolio contains products associated with mental health conditions, including depression. Because of restrictions on pharmaceutical advertising in Brazil, PR campaigns cannot promote the products themselves.