Campaign details

Brand: Pfizer
Agency: Ketchum/Little George


U.S. based Pfizer, Inc. is a global leader in pharmaceutical medicines and over-the-counter healthcare products. Its portfolio contains many products associated with age-related conditions. Because of restrictions on pharmaceutical advertising in Brazil, our PR campaigns cannot promote the products themselves.

From a long-term business perspective, the company wanted to inspire brand awareness not only among seniors, but begin to impact how younger generations set a path of lifelong health. The problem was that Brazilians don't like to think about growing old. Especially Millennials. Not in a country that glorifies youthfulness and physical beauty. Our challenge was to create a conversation Brazilians didn't want to have about a reality they'd rather avoid. Given the restrictions on pharmaceutical advertising, and the seeming gulf between our large senior population and a youth culture that flaunts its health and appearance, we needed an approach that would catch everyone by surprise.

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