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Agency: Value 360 Communications
Brand: Staqu Technologie

The Challenge

For long, the Indian Police Department has been subject to mockery, reduced to slouching & corrupt caricatures in various popular movies and every-day conversations. However, have we ever considered if the police forces are empowered with the right set of tools and technologies to ward off crime and successfully nab absconding criminals?

The fact remains that Indian forces have been isolated from the wave of digitization otherwise sweeping across the nation, having left with no other alternative but to depend on out-dated technologies & no access to real-time, tech assistance.

  • As per Home Ministry, 20 lakh fingerprint records with bureaus are yet to be linked to the central database
  • CCTNS (Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & Systems) only aims to digitize criminal records, but lacks provisions for assisting police in real-time.
  • Installing CCTV cameras does assist police with constant vigilance. However, the same isn't equipped with advanced tech like real-time facial recognition, database connectivity etc.