Campaign details

Brand: Roche Latin America
Agency: Edelman Miami


The lack of specialised health journalists in Latin America, along with limited resources for obtaining quality information, impacts the coverage of health-related topics in the region. To help overcome these barriers, throughout 2017, Roche Latin America conducted a series of immersive educational workshops to deepen Latin American journalists' knowledge on various health matters, including the barriers of access to healthcare in the region. Roche partnered with several recognised international organisations, such as The Economist and the Latin American Federation of the Pharmaceutical Industry, to provide this training, helping to strengthen journalists' ability to effectively communicate complex health topics to an uninformed public. The events impacted more than 200 journalists and generated extensive coverage in the media, with over 325 articles published and 1.08 million impressions on social media, thus serving to spark conversations and promote greater knowledge about the pressing healthcare issues in Latin America, while positioning Roche as a driver of healthcare improvement in the region.

The Project