Opening Statement

BLAZE by Safaricom is the first of its kind platform in Kenya, East and Central Africa founded on what Kenyan youth say is most important to them: freedom, empowerment and success. The platform pioneered by Safaricom caters for the needs of the youth aged between 10 and 26. The USD 70 million youth project is a communication and empowerment platform designed by, and for Kenya's youth.

Challenges & Opportunities

Untapped Market/Lack of customized products

The youth segment is a largely untapped market and they are constantly looking for new, affordable, exciting products/propositions that consider their needs beyond mobile communication to lifestyle and professional success.

Rising number of Youth

Presently, the youth in Kenya form 60 per cent in a population of 45 million with an annual growth of 2.11 per cent according to a research done by Safaricom , TNS and Communications Authority of Kenya.