Campaign details

Brand: Scotiabank
Agency: JeffreyGroup

Challenge Build Brand Reputation Within An Sector With An Ailing Reputation

  • Scotiabank is one of the leading financial institutions in North America. It provides services to nearly 19 million customers in more than 55 countries around the world. In Mexico, Scotiabank is part of the "G-7 group" composed of the largest financial institutions in the country.
  • There is a negative perception of the financial sector due to several cases of corruption and complaints about client service. Also, banks that are double the size of Scotiabank have greater visibility in media outlets.
  • To overcome these challenges, JeffreyGroup designed a reputation model based on three pillars: (1) highlighting Scotiabanks' attributes; (2) position its management team as a leader in the sector, as well as (3) the bank's expertise on economic issues. We leveraged national topics such as the NAFTA negotiations and the upcoming Mexican elections, aiming to position Scotiabank as a reference within the financial sector in Mexico.